A good coach makes a better player.

A great coach makes a better person.

— Vince Coleman

Fifteen years ago, Harlem RBI staff got an email from a prospective volunteer named Vince Coleman.

The office immediately started buzzing. Could it be the Vince Coleman—the major league baseball player who held the record for three consecutive 100-steal seasons? We soon found out that it was a different guy, which was just as well, because our Vince Coleman proved to be a very special kind of all-star.

Vince came on board in 1998 to serve as a volunteer coach. In just two seasons we realized that we needed more of Vince's time and hired him to join Harlem RBI full-time as the Baseball and Softball Program Director. Vince quickly became the heart and soul of the organization. Youth were drawn to his infinite patience and quiet steadiness; staff and volunteers admired his unifying presence and unwavering belief in the potential of all people.

When Vince announced this year that he was departing Harlem RBI to become an ordained minister, it did not come as a surprise. We knew that his work on our Field of Dreams was on a higher plane all along.

Vince, we wish you a plentiful and abundant ministry—one that exceeds the love and commitment you gave to us, if such a thing is possible.