At Harlem RBI and DREAM Charter School, we love what we do and aim to be great at it. That’s where data comes in.

Here is a small collection of data from the 2012 - 2013 program year:

  • 99% of Real Kids avoided summer learning loss.

  • 84% of 8th grade TeamBuilders matriculated into college and career-ready high schools.

  • 91% of 9th graders achieved the requisite credits for promotion to the 10th Grade.

  • 100% of Harlem RBI seniors graduated high school.

  • 97% of families would recommend DREAM Charter School to family and friends.


For every program, evaluation results are compiled and analyzed to continuously improve programs for our youth and provide evidence of effectiveness, as well as growth areas, to our stakeholders. Director of Evaluation Joe Luesse explained, “Evaluation and data use at Harlem RBI and DREAM highlight our commitment to learning—we believe that reflecting on, learning from, and actively using program data leads to better decisions, stronger evidence for what works, and increased commitment and accountability to the youth and families that we serve.”