The Class of 2013 showed us how to play as a team. Many of the team members, along with Senior Captain Gilbert Gonzalez, had been playing together ever since they started in the seventh grade as Eagles. With Coach Angel Perez leading the way, the Eagles learned how to support each other and grow as a team. With that effort, the Eagles made it to the championship game against the eighth grade Stars. In an epic upset, the Eagles beat the upperclassmen. Gilbert said, "That was when we got it. That was when we really got closer as a team, built confidence and realized that everything was possible by working together."

Seven years later, the Eagles, now the Grays, made it to the NYC RBI League Championships. The Grays knew this was their last season together and gave it their all. Unfortunately, this time the game ended in a loss. At the end of the game, the team huddled together and co-captain Justin Perez spoke to his teammates, "I don't care that we didn't win this championship. I care that we grew into this family and brotherhood." Well said, Justin.

In June, 100 percent of the Grays and the Lady Yanks— yes, the entire 2013 Senior Class— graduated high school. Congratulations Class of 2013 for pitching a perfect game.