When Darla joined the REAL Kids Clemente team, she was quiet, reserved and uncomfortable with reading. A reading assessment showed that she tested below grade level. It was clear that having never experienced success with reading, the mere suggestion of a book made her anxious. An intensive intervention began: Darla worked one-on-one with Krista, her Learning Coach; participated in small group work with youth at a similar reading level; practiced reading independently and out loud; worked on her listening comprehension skills; and journaled about her reading. By the end of summer her effort paid off and Darla improved by an entire reading level in just six weeks. It was a moment of victory for Darla, Krista and Darla's family. Darla gained confidence as she experienced her own growth and discovered she was capable of success. This is just the beginning of another Harlem RBI kid recognizing her potential and realizing her dreams.